Personal Assistant Needed in Edina, MN

A business entrepreneur in Edina, MN is seeking a part-time personal assistant.  This position could become full-time.  The assistant may be needed to work in the office or in the employer's home.  She is seeking an assistant that is professional, friendly, outgoing, flexible, with strong computer/website skills, strong time management skills, great at multi-tasking, and event planning.  Candidates must have previous work experience in this field.  Some college education is preferred.  Also, candidates must have strong professional writing background.  She is also seeking a candidate that is confident in his or her job skills.  Some of the duties may include: responding to mail and emails, answering phone calls, running personal and business errands, organizing calendars and appointments, checking with other parties to ensure availability, booking meetings and events, providing estimates for meetings and events, assistants with managing budgets, handling accounts, paying bills, writing reports, conducting research work, drafting correspondence, and arranging travel.  The assistant will also at times perform the role of an office manager, possibly supervising staff, screening visitors, or resolving issues, etc.  The hourly rate is negotiable, based on experience and qualifications and is in the range of $15-$25/hour.  Paid Sick/Personal Days will be provided.

Posted on February 27, 2015 .