Part-time Nanny Needed in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

A family in Cottage Grove is in need of a part-time nanny to care for their two boys, ages 2 and 4. The schedule and days of the week will vary, but will land on Monday through Friday.  There are three sets of hours needed: 8am-2pm, 9am-5pm, and 1pm-5pm.  There would also be opportunities for some occasional overnight, weekend, or date night hours, but they are not required. The family will guarantee 40 hours per bi-monthly pay period.  The nanny's duties include spending time with the two-year-old when arriving in the morning, and then picking up the four-year-old from 4k.  The family will provide a car for this. The nanny would also be needed to make lunch, put the two-year-old down for a nap, spend some time with the four-year-old, serve a snack after nap, and then play with both children until the parents arrive home.  They are seeking a nanny that is reliable and punctual.  They would like a nanny that is good at communicating with the parents. Also, they would like a nanny that is good at engaging with the children, by reading books and other age appropriate activities.  The boys are energetic, so they would like a nanny that can engage with the boys in play and one who will also recognize when quiet and calm activities are needed.  The boys love to be outside, to go for bike rides and walks, to go to the playground, and they also love to swim in the summer, so a nanny that can swim would be preferred.  The family uses a positive discipline philosophy.  They set limits and have expectations for the boys.  They do not punish or take away favorite toys, but instead coach them with their decisions without giving in to them.  The family has a dog, a boxer, so a nanny that is comfortable with dogs would be needed. The pay is negotiable and in the range of $15-$17/hour depending on experience, qualifications, and the right fit.  They are offering 20 hours of paid vacation per year.  If the nanny is comfortable with swimming, they will provide a summer gym membership.  They are also willing to pay for the nanny's CPR and First Aid training.  This position begins the first week of January.

Posted on November 26, 2017 .