Two Days Per Week Infant Nanny Needed in Middleton

A family in Middleton is seeking a part-time nanny, two days per week to care for their sweet and laid back five-month-old son. The exact schedule is to be determined, but it would be two days per week, and each day would be 10 hours. They are seeking a nanny with previous infant care experience.  They would like a nanny that is very engaging with their son, good at playing developmentally appropriate games with him, and reading to him etc. They would love to find a nanny that loves to be outside because they love to be outdoors. They would also like a nanny that is very patient, kind, reliable, and interested in childhood development and education,  The nanny's primary duty is the care of their son; such as feeding him bottles and meals, changing him when needed, putting him down for naps, and keeping the play area and kitchen area tidy after meals and play. The family has a very sweet German Shorthair Pointer. The nanny would not need to walk her because the family has an invisible dog fence. The pay is negotiable and around $15 per hour depending on experience, qualifications, and the right fit.

Posted on June 25, 2018 .