Below is the Family/Agency Contract for A La Carte Searches.


You agree that La Crème Nannies is a referral agent only, and does not directly or indirectly hire the nanny/caregiver. You, the client, hereby release La Crème Nannies from all claims, liabilities, losses, obligations, and expenses for investigations; any attorney’s fees arising out of or in any way being related to this agreement. You also release La Crème Nannies from any and all damages incurred as a result of the referral with the exception of any willful harm or negligence.  You agree and understand that nannies from our a la carte nanny search service have not been screened. You also agree that nannies or their identities, including any of the family members and acquaintances provided by the agency will not be shared or disclosed to others, except with the prior consent and fee of La Crème Nannies and in accordance with the nanny contract with the agency.  You are responsible for hiring the nanny of your choice.  You agree and understand that La Crème Nannies has the right to refuse clients at its own discretion. The laws of the state of Wisconsin apply, and any litigation that would occur would be in the state of Wisconsin in Dane County.