What is the replacement policy at La Creme Nannies, if we hire a nanny and she leaves or it doesn't work out?

At La Creme Nannies our goal is to find a wonderful nanny for your family. Even after you have hired the nanny, we will still be here for you. We welcome you to contact us after you have hired the nanny to let us know how things are going.  If conflicts arise, we are here to help you resolve them.  La Creme Nannies offers a 9 month replacement policy.  If the conflicts cannot be resolved, La Creme Nannies will make a free one time placement to replace the nanny.

Is is Possible to have a longer replacement policy?

Yes, we now offer you the option to extend the length of your replacement policy!

Add 3 months to your Replacement Policy for $50.

(Replacement Policy Extension must be paid for during the placement payment.)

What is the minimum hourly rate that a family may pay the nanny when being referred through La Creme Nannies?

Typically $12/hour is the minimum hourly rate of pay to nannies referred to you by La Creme Nannies.  Exceptions would be made in areas where this is not feasible due to the economy in a certain area.


How long does the search process to find a nanny typically take?

The search process typically takes from 2-8 weeks.







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