About International Placements

International Nanny Placements:

International nanny placements are a great alternative to international au pair placements.

International Staff Placements:

International staff placements include placements such as personal assistants, housekeepers, butlers, chefs, etc.

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Similarities to Au Pair Placements:

*International nanny to share new cultural experiences and a new language with your family

*Nanny is fully screened with interviews, references, background check from their country and any countries they have lived in

*Nanny completes application and personality profile

*Nanny has previous childcare experience relating to the position that they will be filling for you


Advantages of International Nanny Instead of Au Pair:

*Nanny doesn't have a limit on number of hours that she/he may work per week.

*Nanny may be alone with infant that is younger than 3 months old.

*Nanny is not required to attend classes, which makes her schedule more flexible, and this also means that you are not required to pay the costs related to her/his education


Some Benefits of International Staff Placements:

*Experience a new culture and language

*Find staff with skills and talent that you may be having trouble finding in the US, such as a French chef, for example


Some options of locations to choose a nanny or staff from, but please feel free to ask us if there is a particular country that you have in mind.

UK: England, Ireland, Scotland

Northern Ireland

Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Italy

South America

Australia and New Zealand








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