Foreign Language Lessons for Children

Now you can schedule foreign language lessons for your children through La Creme Nannies. 

*Our foreign language lessons for infant, toddler, and preschool ages are play-based to enable your children to learn more effectively.  

*Lessons can be scheduled for infants, toddlers, preschool age, and school-age children.

*Lessons can also be conducted with the parent or caregiver present during lesson if preferred.

Language lessons are taught by our bi-lingual and tri-lingual nannies.  All nannies have been thoroughly screened. They have also been trained in order for your children to learn another language as effectively as possible.  Lessons are play-based and individualized based on your children's learning needs, favorite toys, favorite activities, and their preferences. 

Benefits of Teaching Foreign Language to Children Early:

  • Improved Cognitive Development
  • Improved Spelling Skills
  • Improved Reasoning Skills
  • Improved Ability to Learn Native Language
  • Improved Academic Achievement
  • Cultural Enrichment

Languages Currently Offered:





Lesson Rates:

$25/hour for two children or less

*Group Lesson discounts are available.

*Lessons include information notes to parents informing of the topics taught during each session, and techniques for language practice in between sessions.


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Schedule a Language Lesson:

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Please list your child's interests or favorite things to play. Also, please list any learning needs, such as ADHD etc.


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