About Our Madison, WI Beginnings

La Creme Nannies is owned and founded by Elisha Hines.  Elisha is a professional career nanny of more than 15 years.  Elisha began her nanny career in the Denver Metro Area.  She was a live-in and live-out nanny in Colorado and in the Madison, Wisconsin area.  Elisha was placed with families in the Madison, WI area through local nanny agencies and also through on-line nanny sites.  Through these experiences, some positive, and some negative, she learned many valuable lessons that helped her in creating La Creme Nannies.  She believes in the importance of honesty with families about the nanny applicants, and the importance of honesty and transparency with nannies about the families that they are interviewing as perspective employers.  Elisha sees this element as crucial in having a long-lasting, successful, and happy match for the families and nannies.  Elisha Also esteems the continuing education of nannies to help them stay at the top of their profession.  She holds online and local classes on professional development, childcare, infant care, and safety related classes.  She also has a local nanny support group to help nannies, provide education resources, play date opportunities for the charges of the nannies, and to get to know the nannies on a deeper level than a single interview can facilitate.


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Why We are Called La Creme Nannies

"When I was a child, my dad used to always tell me that the cream rises to the top, la creme de la creme.  When I was starting this nanny agency, my thought was that I wanted to have the best nannies and the best service and matches possible for families and nannies.  It was then that I remembered my dad's words." -Elisha Hines


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