Megan W.

Seeking:Full-time or Part-time Nanny Position

Has childcare related education?: Yes

Has previous experience as : "Nanny", "Babysitter", "Daycare/Preschool", "Toddler Nanny"

Has: "CPR Certification", "S.I.D.S Training", "Shaken Baby Syndrome Training"

Experience with special needs children?: Yes

Minimum hourly rate desired: $12.50

Maximum hourly rate desired: $15.00

Would you consider relocating?: No

How many years of experience as a nanny do you have?: less then one year

How many years of experience as a babysitter do you have?: 5

What is your total number of years of experience in caring for children?: 8

Please feel free to list any hobbies, interests, or goals that you have.: Hanging out with my family, going to sport events, shopping, swimming, working out

Please describe your personality.: Loving and caring

Please describe your work ethic.: Great

What kinds of activities do you like to do with the children that are in your care?: Art, music, outside time, walks, water play

Comfortable with  "working in a house with pets", "working in a home with a large family", "working for a family with divorced parents", "working for a single mother", "working for a single father", "caring for children with special needs", "driving with children"

What is your ideal relationship between you and the family that you work for?: Respectful and loyal

What are you looking for in a nanny/babysitter position?: Nice, loving, caring familly

Please check each age that you have experience in caring for: "Newborns", "Infants", "Toddlers", "Preschool Age"

Please check any age of children that you would prefer to care for: "Newborns", "Infants", "Toddlers", "Preschool age", "School age"

Do you have any experience caring for twins or multiples?: Yes

Maximum number of children willing to care for at one time?: 4

What is your discipline philosophy for the children in your care?: Talking to them and removing them from the area

Please describe your ideal schedule or schedule availability.: 9-5

Can you swim?: yes

Available to begin: 06/09/2014

Willing to give: at least a one year commitment

Has:"valid driver's license", "reliable vehicle"