Family Testimonials


Testimonials from Our Clients and from Our Nannies


Corrin M.

Elisha at La Creme Nannies made it easy for us to find our first nanny. She met with our family and got to know each one of our four kids personalities, along with our overall needs.  She did interviews and only passed on the best candidates that fit our family needs. After my husband and I interviewed three candidates we found a great match for our family. Our nanny has now been part of our family's life for over a year and we couldn't be happier. 

Tiffany G.  

We have had a wonderful experience with Elisha Hines and La Creme's On-Call Nanny Service. Our son has special needs and it can be difficult to arrange safe and reliable back-up care for him. In our experience, La Creme has always been able to link us with a friendly, capable nanny when needed. 

Nicole J. 

La Creme Nannies helped me at a very pivotal stage in my life.  We had a nanny for years and had to find a replacement that fit well with our demanding family needs.  Elisha interviewed me thoroughly, and found the perfect nanny for our family.  I love that Elisha is an advocate for both the nanny and the families.  With this process she is able to make sure all parties involved are happy. Thanks La Creme Nannies!

A. Barnett 

Elisha at La Creme Nannies was wonderful to work with; not only professional but great with our kids. She went out of her way to make sure we as parents felt comfortable leaving our kids for an evening out in Milwaukee as we are not from the area. La Creme Nannies came recommended to me word of mouth, which is always the best way to go, and I feel comfortable recommending Elisha and La Creme to all my mommy friends.

Nanny Testimonials

Brenda P.

I have really enjoyed working with La Creme Nannies. I feel their process for interviewing nannies is superbly above par from the rest of the agencies.  Elisha takes the time to get to know us nannies on a personal level as well as a professional level. She is very thorough, yet, when speaking with her, I never got the impression I was being interviewed, more like just talking to a long lost friend. Elisha is also very involved in the nanny world so she ‘gets it’ both from nannies point of view and from the families’ point of view. I feel this kind of personal touch makes for good matching with potential future families. 


E. Jackson

I am totally happy with the family that La Creme placed me with!  They are a great fit for me!  I love the kids, and the schedule and pay is great!