Wisconsin Nanny Positions with La Creme Nannies

Due to confidentiality, not all positions are listed.  Please contact us for more information on available positions.

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Full-Time or Part-Time Nanny in Verona

A busy family in Verona is in need of a nanny to care for their four children, ages 10. 9. 6. and 4. The oldest are boys and the youngest is a girl. The schedule needed during the school year is Monday 7am-9am and then 2:45pm-6:30pm M-F. They are open to having the nanny start before the children get home, if she would want to pick up the ordered groceries and put them away or start the laundry. It would be great if the nanny could be available on days when there is no school for the whole day, but not required. Occasionally, the schedule will need to go until 8:30-9pm if the kids have sports and/or one of us has a work meeting. If the nanny would like to stay with the family year round, the schedule will be full-time in the summer. The family is willing to pay for 30 hours per week year round if the nanny would prefer in order to make the pay more consistent year round. The duties of the nanny include: meeting the children after-school when they get off of the bus around 3-3:15, helping with homework, helping with household tasks as needed, providing a snack and then letting them run around and relax for a while. The children often have practice during the week so taking them to practices will be needed. The nanny will also need to pick up the youngest from daycare each day. Some days the nanny will need to pick up the youngest earlier from daycare when she needs to get to ballet or gymnastics. The nanny will also be needed to help the children with laundry and with doing their chores. The boys play football and basketball. One of the boys is very introspective and likes science and reading. The girl is in ballet and gymnastics. The family likes to swim, read, and play games. It is very important to the family that the children are respectful to adults and to others in their lives. The family are catholic. The boys attend religion class every Monday after school for an hour. As part of a big family, everyone has a role to play and needs to do their part. The children have to do chores and help out. They need help and need to be reminded to do this. They are seeking a nanny that enjoys being a nanny and appreciates the chaos that four children create. They would like the nanny to become a part of their family. They would like a nanny that is kind and fun loving who will learn and understand the uniqueness of each of the children and help them to grow as people. The nanny will need to have a clean and safe driving record and a safe vehicle. The family will reimburse gas mileage. The pay is negotiable and in the range of $15 and $20 per hour depending on experience, qualifications, and the right fit. This position begins early January 2019.

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Part-Time Tuesday and Thursday Nanny for Infant, Edgerton

A family in Edgerton is seeking a part-time nanny on Tuesdays and Thursdays to care for their sweet, baby boy, who will be 12 weeks old when the position begins . The schedule needed is 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are seeking a nanny that is mature, reliable, nurturing, positive, adventurous, attentive, safety conscious, intuitive, and one that has previous experience caring for infants. The nanny’s primary duty will be the care of their baby and providing activities to help him meet developmental milestones. They would like a nanny that is very nurturing and good at keeping/establishing routines for the baby. The mom would also love it if the nanny could drive the baby to the mother’s work in downtown Madison during lunch one of the days. The nanny would be able to have that hour off paid. The family will also reimburse for gas mileage for that day. The family has a cuddly white lab and also a spunky cat, so the nanny would need to be comfortable with pets and not have allergies. The pay is negotiable and around $15 or $16 hour. This position begins Tuesday, Janurary 29th.

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Part-Time Nanny/Household Manager in McFarland

A family in McFarland is in need of a nanny to care for their two school-age boys. The boys are ages 5 and 7. The schedule will be given to the nanny a month in advance. There are some mornings that the nanny will need to get the children ready and drive them to school in the morning; 6:30am-8am. Some days will have a split shift in which the nanny will need to return in the afternoon at 2pm and stay until 5:30 or 7pm. There are also some weekends that the nanny will be needed. Sometimes just for one days and occasionally for both. Those days are usually full days. (Please contact La Creme for more specific details in regard to the schedule. ) The family is willing to guarantee 20 hours of pay per week. Some weeks will be less than 20 hours of work, and some weeks will be around 26 hours per week. The nanny will be paid for the extra hours when it goes over 20 hours. The family is willing to split the position between two nannies. They are also negotiable on the hours, if a nanny needs more hours per week. They are seeking a nanny that is very reliable, mature, and willing to engage with the boys in fun and educational activities. The parents are not able to take off from work when the nanny is sick, so they need a nanny that is very reliable. They ask that if the nanny is ill that she would let the family know as soon as possible. They will attempt to find backup care. As long as they have the backup care for that day, then the nanny would be able to take off for the sick day. The boys love to play outside. They also love to play board and card games, and legos. The boys are also in some activities that the nanny would need to drive them to such as, karate, swimming, t-ball, and soccer. The family will provide a car for the nanny to drive with the children. The family has three small dogs, so they would need a nanny that is comfortable with dogs. The primary duties would be the care of the boys, driving them to activities, and playing with them. If the nanny would like additional hours, the family would be happy to offer additional household management duties for the nanny to have more hours, such as family laundry, grocery shopping, making some dinners, organizing, and various similar things. The pay is negotiable and in the range of $15-$17 per hour depending on experience, qualifications, and the right fit. They are offering paid sick days and paid holidays. This position begins late February/early March.

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Full-Time or Part-Time Nanny/Household Manager in Middleton

A dual physician family in Middleton is in need of a nanny/household manager to care for their children and to assist them with household tasks. They predominantly need a part-time nanny/household manager, but they are willing to offer more hours if a candidate is needing full-time hours. The ages of the children are boy 7, girl 7, and girl 11. For the part-time position the schedule needed would be 2 pm-6 pm, Monday through Friday.  Occasionally, the nanny may be needed to stay after 6 pm. There would be one week per month that would be 6 am-8 am in addition to the schedule. There may also be an overnight needed once every 3 months. For the full-time position the schedule needed would be 1 pm-6 pm, Monday through Friday.  Occasionally, the nanny would be needed to stay after 6 pm. The nanny would also be needed from 6 am-8 am one week per month.  There may also be a rare overnight needed once every three months. The family would prefer a nanny with previous household management related experience. They are also seeking a candidate that is punctual, reliable, and flexible because the father has strict work hours.  They would like a nanny that is proactive and that can assist the children with educational activities.  They would also like a nanny that can manage occasional difficult behavior in the children in a positive way.  They would also like a nanny that can guide and oversee the children in their own independent activities, rather than playing with them all the time. The nanny/household manager's duties may include organizing the pantry, running errands, grocery shopping, driving the children to activities as needed, helping the children to get started with homework or an activity, sweeping the kitchen as needed, vacuuming as needed, household laundry, organizing/cleaning the refrigerator as needed, etc. The parents would like the children to have very little screen time. The children like to play outside with friends.  They are also involved in some after-school activities; horseback riding, piano lessons, soccer, and gymnastics. The family does have a guinea pig and a hamster. The family is willing to offer 30 hours of pay per week guaranteed if a nanny is needing full-time hours or 25 hours per week guaranteed if a nanny is interested in the part-time hours. The pay is negotiable and between $17 to $20 per hour. This position begins asap.

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Full-Time Household Manager/Housekeeper in Sun Prairie

A family in Sun Prairie is in need of a household manager/housekeeper to assist with their household needs.  The candidate may also at times be needed to drive the children to and from activities. The children are ages 16,9, and 5.  They also have two older children that are in college. They will need the household manager 40 hours per week. The duties may include scheduling appointments, running errands, grocery shopping, household laundry, and cleaning and organizing house as needed. They are seeking a household manager/housekeeper that is proactive, reliable, motivated, and one who has a safe driving record. The pay is negotiable and in the range of $18-$23/hour depending on experience, qualifications, and the right fit.  This position begins asap.

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